Living Nature Chicken Cockeral 35 cm Soft Toy

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The Living Nature Cockerel Soft Toy is a captivating and regal addition to your plush farm toy collection. With its handcrafted design and attention to realism, this charming fellow is sure to impress.

Crafted with the softest, fluffy material that mimics feathers, this plush rooster boasts a striking appearance. Its pure white plumage creates a stunning contrast against its magnificent red comb and wattles atop its head and neck, accentuated by a vibrant yellow beak.

Not only is this white cockerel visually impressive, but it also exudes an elegant and pristine aura that will delight anyone who receives it as a gift. Standing proudly, displaying a vibrant and confident demeanour, this soft toy is a symbol of beauty and grace.

Made with eco-friendly materials, this plush cockerel is a thoughtful choice for both animal lovers and environmentally conscious individuals. Its creation aligns with sustainable practices, making it an ideal gift that reflects a commitment to both quality and environmental responsibility.

Bring the wonders of the animal kingdom into your world with the Living Nature Cockerel Soft Toy. Discover the joy of play and the fascination of nature with this remarkable plush companion.

Approximately 35 cm.


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35 cm

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