Living Nature Barn Owl 27 cm Soft Toy

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Crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, these barn owl soft toys are made to look incredibly realistic. Each soft toy features airbrushed features that bring the adorable barn owl family to life. The parent owl showcases the distinctive grey, brown, and white colouration, while the baby owlet is irresistibly cute with its fluffy appearance.

Made with a commitment to the environment, these wildlife plush toys are crafted with eco-friendly materials. The soft and huggable fabric used for their construction is not only safe and durable but also gentle on the planet. Embrace the joy of gifting while making an eco-conscious choice.

Every soft toy animal in the Living Nature collection is meticulously hand-finished by our talented animal artisans. Their dedication and craftsmanship ensure that each barn owl soft toy is of the highest quality, providing a truly special and enchanting playtime companion.

Approximately 27 cm.


Data sheet

27 cm
Barn Owl

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