Living Nature Sabre Toothed Tiger 29 cm Soft Toy

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Enhance your collection of prehistoric animal toys with the extraordinary Living Nature Sabre Tooth Tiger soft toy. Crafted from high-quality fabrics, this magnificent plush toy has been meticulously air-brushed to give it a captivating and expressive appearance. Its striking resemblance to the Tiger, combined with the distinctive features of the Sabre Toothed Tiger, makes it a remarkable gift.

As one of the most renowned prehistoric mammals that roamed the Earth around 10,000 years ago, this big cat soft toy showcases its uniqueness with two enormous canine teeth, carefully airbrushed details around the whiskers and chest, a pink nose, and a beige tummy. Its luxuriously soft light brown fur invites gentle strokes, providing an irresistible tactile experience.

Approximately 29 cm.


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29 cm
Sabre Toothed Tiger

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